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Gobies (Gobiidae)

Gobies and mudskippers are members of Gobiidae family. They are found worldwide in fresh, marine and brackish water. They are concentrated in the tropics and subtropics, especially of the Indo-Pacific. Most gobies are small, typically less than 10 cm in length, although some species can reach to about 50 cm in length. The smallest fishes (and vertebrates) in the world belong to this family.

There are about 250 genera and about 1500 to 2500 species of gobies that make up the Gobiidae family worldwide, making gobies the largest marine fish family and the most species-rich family of vertebrates. Malaysia has at least 35 species.

Scientific Name: Acentrogobius caninus   (Valenciennes, 1837)
English Name: Tropical Sand Goby, Dog-toothed Goby
Mandarin Name | 鱼类中文名: 犬牙细棘鰕虎鱼 (Quǎnyá xì jí xiā hǔ yú), 虾虎鱼 (Xiā hǔ yú)
Local Malay Name: Bekut, Belukor, Belungko, Belosoh, Belodok Lobang
Thai Name | ชื่อสามัญภาษาไทย: ปลาบู่จุดเขียวใหญ่ (Plā bū̀ cud k̄heīyw yai), ปลาบู่ขาว (Plā bū̀ k̄hāw)
Main Identification Features: Greenish patch behind upper edge of operculum and scattered white spots on body.
Size: Maximum total length 13 cm.
Habitat and Ecology: Brackish tidal waters. Feeds on invertebrates.

Scientific Name: Acentrogobius viridipunctatus  (Valenciennes, 1837)
English Name: Spotted Green Goby
Mandarin Name | 鱼类中文名: 青斑细棘鰕虎鱼 (Qīng bān xì jí xiā hǔ yú), 虾虎鱼 (Xiā hǔ yú)
Local Malay Name: Bekut, Belukor, Belungko, Belosoh, Belodok Bintik Hijau
Thai Name | ชื่อสามัญภาษาไทย: ปลาบู่จุดเขียว (Plā bū̀ cud k̄heīyw), ปลาบู่หัวโต (Plā bū̀ h̄ạw to)
Main Identification Features: Body moderately elongate and compressed. Mouth small, reaching to just below front quarter of eye. Numerous bright light green or blue spots on head body. L-shaped dusky marking below eye.
Size: Maximum total length 16.5 cm.
Habitat and Ecology: Tidal estuaries, lagoons and bays with sandy-mud bottoms. Also found in freshwater.

Scientific Name: Glossogobius aureus  Akihito & Meguro, 1975
English Name: Golden Tank Goby
Mandarin Name | 鱼类中文名: 金叉舌鰕虎 (Jīn chā shé xiā hǔ yú), 虾虎鱼 (Xiā hǔ yú)
Local Malay Name: Bekut, Belukor, Belungko, Belosoh, Belodok Mas
Thai Name | ชื่อสามัญภาษาไทย: ปลาบู่ทอง (Plā bū̀ thong)
Main Identification Features: Pale yellowish-brown body with a darker back, five dusky blotches along the midside, and many faint irregular dusky lines and spots dorsally.
Size: Maximum standard length 25 cm, commonly to 12 cm.
Habitat and Ecology: Found in rivers in clear to turbid water, usually over sand or gravel bottoms and mud. Feeds on aquatic insect larvae, crustaceans and small fishes. Larvae occur in the marine environment.

Scientific Name: Glossogobius giuris  (Hamilton, 1822)
English Name: Gangetic Tank Goby, Ganges Goby, Flathead Goby
Mandarin Name | 鱼类中文名: 舌鰕虎鱼 (Shé xiā hǔ yú), 虾虎鱼 (Xiā hǔ yú)
Local Malay Name: Bekut, Belukor, Belungko, Belosoh, Belodok Ubi
Thai Name | ชื่อสามัญภาษาไทย: ปลาบู่ทราย (Plā bū̀ thrāy), ปลาบู่หิน (Plā bū̀ h̄in)
Main Identification Features: Head flattened with lower jaw projecting. Body brownish yellow with 5 to 6 dark and rounded spots on its sides.
Size: Maximum standard length 50 cm, commonly to 11 cm.
Habitat and Ecology: Freshwater, estuaries and shallow coastal, to 5 m depth. Feeds on small insects, crustaceans and small fishes.

Other Species Haven't Been Identified

Family Name: Gobiidae
English Name: Goby
Local Malay Name: Ikan Belodok, Ubi
Thai Name | ชื่อสามัญภาษาไทย: ปลาบู่ (Plā bū̀)
Remarks: Here are two gobies gathered from the coastal area in Tanjung Leman.