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Tuskfish: Blackspot Tuskfish

The Blackspot Tuskfish (a.k.a. Ketarap) is a medium size fish that can grow up to about a meter in length. They are highly sought after by anglers in the Asia region because of their unique meat taste which resemble crab meat. They are found close to coral reef area. They usually nibble like small fishes but when hooked, their initial pull is so strong that improperly sized fishing rod can easily snap. Leaders for catching the blackspot tuskfish have to be 60 lb and above. Baits for targeting them are usually prawn and crab.

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Other names for the fish:

Blackspot tuskfish, Blue tuskfish, Purple groper, Yellow-bellied tusk-fish, 四带猪齿鱼, 四帶豬齒魚, 舒氏猪齿鱼, 黑斑猪齿鱼, 黑斑豬齒魚, 舒氏豬齒魚, Tsing yi, Black-spot tuskfish, Shirokurabera, Bayan, Bechok, Dava-dava, Green wrasse, Ketarap, Ketarap bintik hitam, Purple grouper, Rainbow fish, Tobak, Tokak, Wrasse, Dava dava, Bagondon, Balaki, Bankilan, Banog, Bungat, Buntugon, Danlugan, Isdang bato, Labayan, Lamon-lamon, Lampalampa, Lubay-lubay, Lubayan, Mameng, Maming, Manginsad, Maringyan, Molmol, Mulmul, Pilo-pilo, Pirat-pirat, Tamago, Tausay, Verde verde, Nggalanggari and Mugadyi