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Rainbow Sardines

Rainbow sardines and round herrings are common name for the members of the Dussumieriidae family. They differ from Clupeidae in having a single pelvic scute.

Rainbow sardines and round herrings are found in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian seas. They are typically marine fishes. Most of them inhabit shallow coastal waters and estuaries. They are schooling fishes that feed on small planktonic animals, particularly crustaceans.

There are 2 genera and about 9 species of Dussumieriidae worldwide. Malaysia has a single genus and about 2 species.

Scientific Name: Dussumieria acuta  Valenciennes, 1847
English Name: Rainbow Sardine, Rainbow Herring, Sharpnosed Sprat
Local Malay Name: Ikan Tamban Buluh Pelangi, Tamban Jepuh, Tamban Panjang
Thai Name | ชื่อสามัญภาษาไทย: ปลาซาร์ดีนสายรุ้ง (Plā sār̒ dīn s̄āyrûng)
Main Identification Features: Body elongate, cylindrical, depth 22 to 29% of standard length. Branchiostegal rays (observed from below) 12 to 15. Posterior part of scales characteristically marked with numerous tiny radiating striae. In life, back iridescent blue with a shiny gold-brass line below.
Size: Maximum standard length about 20 cm, commonly between 10 and 15 cm.
Habitat and Ecology: Mainly an inshore pelagic species, usually less than 20 m depth.