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Fishing Tackle

The development of angling techniques and tackle equipment is a continuing improvement from the early days of a simple fixed line tie to a rod to the modern tackle we use today. A good quality tackle to an angler is as important as a good quality music instrument to a musician.

A basic tackle includes rod, reel, line, leader, swivels, hooks, sinker or weight and bait or lures. The fishing rod, reel and fishing line are the extensions of the angler’s arms and hands. It is critically important to use the right combination of equipment for the right type of fishing. Terminal tackle refers to the gear attached to the end of the line. It varies with the type and style of fishing technique but the most basic ones consist of leader, swivels, hook and sinker.

The main function of the bait is to fool fish into taking the hook and therefore, using suitable bait is the key to successful angling. Baits can be naturals, processed or artificial.

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