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Grouper: Convict Grouper

The Convict Grouper or Eightbar Grouper (Hyporthodus octofasciatus) are large groupers that can grow to a total length of 1.3 meters and weight about 80 kg. They are found in the Indo-West Pacific, from South Africa to Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. They are recognized by their brownish to dark brown body with 7 whitish bars on their body that extend onto their dorsal fin. They are rarely caught and usually found in relatively deeper reef, with depths range of 150 - 300 meters.

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Other names for the fish:

Bandiet-klipkabeljou, Barcod, Cabot cafre, Cabot sale, Convict cod, Convict groper, Convict rockcod, Eightbar grouper, Grey-banded cod, Grouper, Kavu ni nubu, Kerapu lapan belang, Loche plate grise, Lokos, Mahata-modoki, Mero carcelario, Mero de ocho bandas, Mero listado, Mérou bagnard, Mérou brouillard, Mérou huit raies, Misty grouper, Ottebåndet havaborre, Pertang, Plat, Rockcod, Rouge sale, Vieille plate grise, Waava, 七带石斑鱼, 八带石斑鱼, 石斑, 过鱼, 間帶石斑魚, 鲙, 黑带石斑鱼