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Wedgefish: Bottlenose Wedgefish

The Bottlenose Wedgefish (Rhynchobatus australiae) commonly occurs in inshore waters on the continental shelves of tropical Indo-West Pacific. This species rarely occurs deeper than 60 m. As bottom dwellers, they rest on mud, sandy, or rough bottoms and feed on benthic invertebrates, crustaceans, molluscs and small bottom-dwelling fish.

Bottle shape snout slightly constricted near tip.

3 white spots aligned over pectoral marking with usually 2 spots below.

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Other names for the fish:

Australische kegrog, Bottlenose wedgefish, Fiddler, Giant guitarfish, Hiu lontar, Liongbun, Pangrum, Paredung, Pari, Pari-kemejan tompok putih, Petong gitar, Ronan jud-khao, Sandshark, Shovelnose shark, Tongarisakata zame, Valgetäpiline haisabarai, Whitespot ray, Whitespot shovelnose ray, Whitespotted guitarfish, White-spotted guitarfish, White-spotted shovelnose ray, White-spotted shovelnosed guitarfish, Whitespotted wedgefish, Yu kemejan, Yu kia-kia, 澳洲尖犁头鳐, 澳洲尖犁頭鰩