Southeast Asia Mollusca


Southeast Asia Mollusca Identification page is created to make identification of common species found in South East Asia easy. The list below are the mollusca and other aquatic animals species found in Malaysia. The list also include name in languages and dialect used in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Update will be done whenever new photograph is available.

Species Group: Clams, Cockles, Arkshells (ISSCAAP 56)

Common Name: Asiatic Hard Clam
Scientific Name: Meretrix meretrix  (Linnaeus, 1758)
Mandarin Name: 文蛤 (Wén há)
Local Malay Name: Kunau, Kepah, Dalus
Local Hokkien: Kapa

Common Name: Green Glauconomya
Scientific Name: Glauconome virens  (Linnaeus, 1767)
Mandarin Name: 哆头蛏 (Duō tóu chēng), 绿昙蛤 (Lǜ tán há), 滩 (Tān)
Local Malay Name: Siput Biji Nangka, Kijing (Indonesia)
Local Hokkien: Than, Tua-tao

Species Group: Squids, Cuttlefishes, Octopuses, etc (ISSCAAP 57)

Common Name: Bigfin reef squid
Scientific Name: Sepioteuthis lessoniana
Mandarin Name: 鱿鱼 (Yóuyú)
Local Malay Name: Sotong Mabang, Sotong Mengabang, Maban
Local Hokkien: Cheh Bak
Remarks: Identified by its green eyes with wide fins.

Common Name: Common Squid
Scientific Name: Loligo spp.
Mandarin Name: 鱿鱼 (Yóuyú), 苏东 (Sū dōng)
Local Malay Name: Sotong Peluru, Cumi-cumi
Local Hokkien: Sotong

Common Name: Cuttlefish
Scientific Name: Sepia spp.
Mandarin Name: 墨鱼 (Mòyú)
Local Malay Name: Sotong Katak
Local Hokkien: Bak Tau

Miscellaneous aquatic animals

Species Group: Horseshoe crabs and other arachnoids (ISSCAAP 75)

Common Name: Horseshoe crab, King crab
Mandarin Name: 鲎 (Hòu)
Scientific Name: Tachypleus gigas
Local Malay Name: Belangkas
Local Hokkien: Hau

Species Group: Sea-urchins, Sea-cucumber and other echinoderms (ISSCAAP 76)

Common Name: White Threads Fish
Scientific Name: Holothuria leucospilota  (Brandt, 1835)
Mandarin Name: 海参 (Hǎishēn)
Local Malay Name: Timun Laut, Kote Mamak, Bat Puntil
Local Hokkien: Hai Som
Local Teochew: Hai Sim

ISSCAAP = International Standard Statistical Classification of Aquatic Animals and Plants

sp. = Species
spp. = Several Species (Species Plural)