Snapper: Mangrove Jack


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Mangrove Jack or Mangrove Red Snapper are widely distributed throughout the tropical and sub-tropical Indo-West Pacific region, ranging longitudinally from Samoa and the Line Islands to East Africa, and latitudinally from central and northern New South Wales, Australia, to the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. They are highly sought after as hard fighting game fish and excellent food fish. They are able to tolerate a wide range of salinity. Juveniles and young adults Mangrove Jack are found in mangrove estuaries and the lower reaches of freshwater streams. Adults larger than 0.5 meters are often found in groups around coral reefs, sometimes to depths in excess of 100 m. They are more active at night and feeds mostly on fishes and crustaceans. They can grow up to about 1.5 meter total length at maximum; but commonly below 1 meter total length.