Trevally: Diamond Trevally


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Diamond Trevally (Alectis indica), also known as the Indian Threadfish are widespread in the tropical Indo-West Pacific ocean, ranging from east Africa to India, Asia, French Polynesia, Indonesia and northern Australia. They are the larger species from the Trevallies (Carangidae) family, growing to 165 cm and 25 kg in weight. They are carnivorous, consuming fishes, cephalopods and crustaceans. They are hard fighting like most of the large Trevallies species.

Adults have an angular, strongly compressed body, whereas young fish are almost diamond-shaped. Juveniles have extremely long filaments trailing from their dorsal, anal and pelvic fins. They appear to mimic box jellyfish causing predators to avoid them. The filaments gradually reduce as they grow and are absent in adults. The major identifying feature of the species is their head profile, having a slight concavity near the eyes which distinguishes them from other Alectis species.

Adults are found over coral reefs in coastal waters below 20 meters to 100 meters while juveniles can be found in estuaries and shallow coastal water.