Amberjack: Almaco Amberjack


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Almaco Amberjack, Longfin Yellowtail, Yellow Kingfish or simply Almaco Jack (Seriola rivoliana) is found worldwide in tropical marine waters, entering temperate waters in some areas. They are commonly misidentified as the Greater Amberjack (Seriola dumerili). Similar to the Greater Amberjack, their colour are bluish grey, brown or olivaceous above, silvery white below with amber stripe along midside of body. And they have an oblique, dark yellowish brown band from nape through eye to edge of upper lip. Almaco Amberjack are distinguished by their elongated second dorsal and anal fins, and their very broad upper jaw posterior.

Almaco Amberjacks are pelagic and epibenthic in oceanic waters, rarely swim over reefs or near shore. They prefer deep, open water and inhabit the outer slopes of reefs. They often travel alone and occasionally found in schools. They can grow to a maximum size of 160 cm total length, but commonly only to 90 cm fork length. Voracious predators, their prey consist mostly of fish.