Miscellaneous Aquatic Animal


Species Group: Miscellaneous aquatic mammals (ISSCAAP 64)

Common Name: Dugong, Sea Cow
Scientific Name: Dugong dugon  (Müller, 1776)
Mandarin Name: 儒艮 (Rúgěn), 海牛 (Hǎiniú), 南海牛 (Nánhǎiniú)
Local Malay Name: Dugong, Babi Laut, Lembu Laut, Duyong (Indonesia)
Main Identification Features: Strictly a marine mammals. Snout is rather large, rounded over and ends in a cleft. Nostrils are valve-like, situated on the top of the snout. Short, paddle-like front flippers and a fluke tail resemble those of dolphins.
Size: Length from about 2.2 to 4.0 meters and weigh from about 200 to 400 kg.
Remarks: Harmless, threatened, endangered and protected. Do not cause harm to the animal.

Species Group: Horseshoe crabs and other arachnoids (ISSCAAP 75)

Common Name: Horseshoe crab, King crab
Mandarin Name: 鲎 (Hòu)
Scientific Name: Tachypleus gigas
Local Malay Name: Belangkas
Local Hokkien: Hau

Species Group: Sea-urchins, Sea-cucumber and other echinoderms (ISSCAAP 76)

Common Name: Biscuit Sea Star, Biscuit Starfish
Scientific Name: Goniodiscaster scaber  (Moebius, 1859)
Mandarin Name: 角海星 (Jiǎo hǎixīng)
Local Malay Name: Tapak Sulaiman
Main Diagnostic Features: Body flat, usually with 5 stubby arms. Sides without spines. Upper side flat with small rounded bumps. Tube feet with suckers at tip. Without large pincer-like structures on underside or upper side. Mouth opening at the bottom of the body. Upper side patterns may vary among individuals. Colours of the upper side generally shades of brown, with regular, neat patterns of spots and bars in brown, yellow, orange or white. Underside pale to white with orange tube feet.
Size: Small sea star, diameter with arms less than 15cm.

Common Name: White Threads Fish, Black Sea Cucumber
Scientific Name: Holothuria leucospilota  (Brandt, 1835)
Mandarin Name: 海参 (Hǎishēn)
Local Malay Name: Timun Laut, K. Mamak, Bat Puntil
Local Hokkien: Hai Som
Local Teochew: Hai Sim
Cantonese: Hoisum

Common Name: Golden Sandfish
Scientific Name: Holothuria scabra  Jaeger, 1833
Mandarin Name: 糙海参 (Cāo hǎishēn)
Local Malay Name: Teripang, Tripang, Trepang, Timun Laut, Balat, Brunok, Gamat, Bat Putih
Local Hokkien: Hai Som
Local Teochew: Hai Sim
Cantonese: Hoisum


ISSCAAP = International Standard Statistical Classification of Aquatic Animals and Plants