Asian Leaffishes

Asian Leaffishes from the Pristolepididae family are distributed in Southern Asia. They are recognized by having a compressed and deep body, large head, small protrusible mouth, and interrupted lateral line.

Pristolepidids are found in freshwater streams, lakes, swamps and ponds. They feed on dipteran larvae, insects and invertebrates

There is only one genus with 4 species worldwide. Malaysia has 2 of the species.

Common Name: Indonesian Leaffish
Scientific Name: Pristolepis grootii  (Bleeker, 1852)
Chinese Name: 格氏锯鳞鲈 (Gé shì jù lín lú)
Local Malay Name: Ikan Patung, Sepatung
Main Identification Features: Lateral line separated by 3.5 scales from median dorsal spines. Ventral not reaching anus.
Size: Maximum total length 18.4 cm.

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